Leaders and Lures

Our American manufactured, hand crafted stainless steel and fluorocarbon fishing leaders are the #1 choice of many professionals and people who love to fish. Our leaders are made of the highest quality materials and are assembled by skilled personnel who have been trained to pay attention to detail.We decided when we started to assemble leaders and lures that we’d specialize in only the best, the longest lasting for our customer’s dollar. The same is true for our Fittertails made from very flexible stainless steel materials. The Fittertails are used for Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye, Large and Smallmouth BassAll of our hand crimped sleeves start with a specially designed American made hardened alloy sleeve. During the assembly process a special manufactured retaining compound is used to assure bonding of the sleeve to the leader. The sleeves are hand crimped to a very strict tolerance using a specially designed set of dies.All stainless steel wire materials are manufactured to American Society and Testing Materials standards. We use a variety of Sampo, Rosco, and Premium Quality Swivels along with Tandem-Loc snaps and Stay-Loc snaps.