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Suick Lure Manufacturers Buys Muskie Mojo Tackle

Suick Lure Manufacturers of Antigo, Wisconsin, has announced the acquisition of Muskie Mojo Tackle Co.

“We’re looking to expand our product line and we didn’t have any lures of this type and now we do. It fits us well,” explained Steve Suick.

The sale was finalized August 15. Muskie Mojo was purchased from Luke Breyer of Waverly, Minnesota. The purchase price was not disclosed.

The Muskie Mojo lineup includes the Weagle and Baby Weagle topwaters, the Wabull and Baby Wabull jerkbaits, and the Double X, Triple X and Triple X Silicone bucktails.

“Our plans are to expand the product line and the distribution,” Suick said. “These are great lures and we hope to get them into more people’s hands.”

Besides the famous Suick Muskie Thriller, Suick Lure Manufacturers also makes the Cisco Kid line of lures as well as the Nitewalker topwater.

Steve Suick said the Muskie Mojo products will be added to his Web site, www.suick.com, this fall, and will be displayed at the Suick booth at the musky shows in early 2010.