Watersmeet Michigan welcomes you to year-round vacation enjoyment. From Watersmeet, the Ontonagon River flows north into Lake Superior. The Wisconsin River flows south into the Mississippi River, and the Paint River flows east into Lake Michigan. This is “where the waters meet”! This “Water Wonderland” includes 302 lakes and 241 miles of trout streams. Excellent resort and motel accommodations provide both anglers and families the opportunity for summer fun.


RJ Lures are hand crafted from basswood one at a time, in Houghton, Michigan located in the states Upper Peninsula. All lures contain quality components along with the strongest and sharpest 2x Mustad hooks. RJ Lures are hand cut, hand airbrushed and clear coated with an ultra clear, durable, UV resistant epoxy finish. All the wood lures have a natural swimming and slow rise action tormenting fish to strike whether casting or trolling.


Captain Don Miller, renown muskie fisherman, author and educator. Don has over 25 years experience fishing for muskellunge on Lake St. Clair. His intimate knowledge of the muskies’ seasonal movements and habits and the most effective fishing techniques assure you the highest possible chances for success. If you are a novice or an experienced angler you will have a great time, pick up helpful fishing tips and quite possibly do battle with the MUSKIE OF YOUR DREAMS!

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