Fireside Lodge Fishing Report 7/19 to 8/2 2014


Date: August 22, 2014
Lake Name: George & Booger Lakes
City: Sioux Lookout
State: Ontario

Latitude: 50.097674
Longitude: -91.918525

Area Notes:

Hot Lures: Silver Minnow Spoon, Williams Wobbler, Mepps, Rooster Tail, Blue Fox Spinner, X-Rap, Tadpolly

Hot Flies: Black, Purple, & Chartreuse Streamers

Catches of The Week: Muskie 40” Northern Pike 40” Smallmouth 6-18,4-18.5, 3-19,1-20”

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August 2014


By: Alan Brandys

The weather this week was “FABULOUS” being mostly in the 70’s and the fishing our guests experienced was fun with fast action at times.

Returning for their 2nd consecutive year was Paul Barlak, Jeff Wensing, & Pat Swinger from Broadview Hts, Strongsville, & Fairview Park, OH brother John Barlack from Seven Hills, & Phil Billick From Lower Salem, OH. 1st day Paul caught a 40” Tiger Muskie in his first 5 casts & the other big fish of the day was Pat landing a 36” Northern Pike. 2nd day was a portage adventure with Pat, John, & Jeff catching well over 100 Northern Pike in Booger Lake while Paul & Phil fished George Lake in a canoe catching 20+ Pike 26-35”. 3rd day was just a crazy Northern Pike catching day as they caught well over 100 fish. 4th day was BIG fish wager day. All caught many Pike between 26-29” & the winner was Phil. 5th & final day was unreal as they caught a minimum of 150 Northern Pike between them & Jeff landed 2 trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 18” & 19”. Fabulous finish to a great trip.

Dale & Ronna Fulton from Cotter, AR returned to enjoy our Canadian Wilderness Fishing again. 1st 1.5 days were spent on the water 90% of the daylight hours catching plenty of Northern Pike. 2nd day was a great day as Ronna caught everything on a Fireside Lodge spinner from years gone by. She caught Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike & a Muskie on this lure & both caught many fishing all day long. Dale was Fly-Fishing having his best action on large streamers. 3rd & final day was a trip into Closs for Joe Fulton, Dale’s father. Being a Muskie fisher Joe always fished Closs for 1 day & Dale said they could not be at Fireside Lodge without fishing this lake. They did but no Muskie were in the cards, however Dale did catch a HUGE 40” Northern Pike while Fly-Fishing. Both had a blast & hope to return in the near future.

Returning for their 2nd year were Steve Mason from Burlington, ON, Helen Knowles from Fergus, ON, Travis Audet from St Louis, MO & Roy Zancanella from Golden, CO. 1st day was great all catching a lot of Northern Pike with the big story being when Roy lost his fishing rod & reel. He laid his rod down & a Pike hit his lure & dragged it into the lake with him & Helen watching in amazement. 2nd day was unreal for Musky fishing as Helen & Roy teamed up to catching 4 Muskie. Roy caught his 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Muskie of his life. Both Steve & Helen caught their 1st ever Muskie last year. Also, after supper Steve had great top-water action landing a trophy 18” Smallmouth Bass. 3rd day was a good Smallmouth day for all. 4th day had Helen & Roy doing excellent catching bigger Northern Pike in the 28-32” range & Roy was very excited catching these fish on his 99-cent lure. 5th & final day was a wonderful finish as they caught many Smallmouth Bass, mixed in a few Northern Pike & visited Twin Falls on a nearly perfect day as stated by Helen.

Long time guests since 1995 Alan & Jon Wohlman from North Brook & Glenview, IL returned. 1st 2 days were good fishing but Alan said they had to work for them. They caught a mix of Smallmouth & Northern Pike landing some good size Smallies. 3rd day was super as they caught over 30 Big Smallmouth Bass, Jon landing a trophy 18.5”er. 4th day had them catching all the Pike they wanted landing well over 50 while in search for BIG Smallmouth living in the weeds. They were also successful with this as they caught 4 trophies over 18” up to 19”. 5th day was a 20 fish day catching a mix of Pike & SB however they finished on their 6th day with over 50 Northern Pike & Alan landed a “HUGE” 20-inch trophy Smallmouth Bass. Both left making yet another set of father & son memories fishing together & reserved their week for 2015 before departing.

Ray & Barbara Glass from Houston, TX returned for their 2nd consecutive year. DOA they went right out and caught 6 Pike & 3 SB in the short time before supper. 1st 2 days they weren’t jumping in the boat but had a great time catching 15 Northern Pike & 4 SB. Another milestone was Ray catching his first Muskie. 3rd day the fish turned on as they caught 45 Northern Pike having a few doubles. Their smiles at suppertime told the whole story. 4th & 5th days was fabulous Northern Pike fishing as they landed 44 and 55 respectively and Barbara caught a giant trophy Smallmouth Bass measuring 19-inches. Both left having a wonderful time making memories together.

Joe Bognanno III group of son Gianluca, dad Joe Jr, Mike Sliverman & son Nick, Paul Bognanno, Mark Roth, Kim Woodward, Joe Bellono, Mario Bognanno Sr, Mario Jr, & Mike, & father & sons Ed Ranquist Sr, Ed Jr, Gavin, & Mick from Boston, MA Canandaigua, NY Dallas, TX West Des Moines & Des Moines, IA Sacramento & Lee Vining, CA Minneapolis, MN Tucson, AZ Philadelphia, PA Michiana, IN & Downers Grove, IL. 1st day many exciting happenings occurred as Joe III, Joe Jr & Gianluca portaged & caught many pike & 2 walleye, Ed, Ed, Gavin & Mick caught well over 50 Northern Pike & lost 2 giant Smallmouth, Mario Sr, Mike, & Mario Jr caught well over 40 fish mostly Pike, while Joe Bellono & Kim caught over 25 Smallmouth Bass on small spinners. 2nd day Gianluca caught his biggest Pike ever at 31”, Paul said that him, Mark, Mike & Nick Silverman caught a Ga-Zillion Northern Pike & could not possibly keep count. While fishing with Mario SR Gavin & Mick both caught heir 1st ever Muskie & Ed Jr, Mike B & Mario Jr raised 7 BIG Musky, Ed landing 1, & he also caught 10 Smallmouth Bass one being and 18” Trophy. 3rd day had Marion Sr, Mario Jr & Mike B catching over 20 Smallmouth Bass, & the Ranquist Family of Ed Sr, Ed Jr, Gavin, & Mick caught close to 40 fish with a lot being nice Smallmouth Bass & Mick landed two trophies at 18” & 18.5”. WOW, what great family memories made. 4th day was by far their best day ever fishing as the group caught 272 Northern Pike & 24 Smallmouth Bass, 5 being trophies of 18-19”. Last day all did great with Mike, Mario Jr, & Mick catching 45 Pike, & Gavin landed the biggest Trophy Smallmouth of the week at 19.75”. All expressed on how much they enjoyed their trip and would love to return.

Long time guest Mike Gerulski from Huntington Woods, MI, brought a group of Stan Nunn, Ted Ricci, Vernon Perfetti from Northville, Hancock, & Chassell, MI & Dennis Wolf & Lester Gardner from Soddy Daisy, TN & Bend, OR. Fishing progressively improved as everyone became accustomed to this year’s conditions culminating with a Friday’s experience including Ted and Vern teaming up to land 75 pike & another 25-30 early releases; Dennis and Mike landing 40+ smallmouth & pike, including some very exciting and entertaining top water fishing around Dog Island. Stan & Les had similar success landing more than 30 fish. Excellent time was had by all, totally enjoying the lodge, lake and the excellent staff at Fireside Lodge & Les was quoting as saying this was “one of the best trips” he has ever had.

Paul Miller from NE returned for his 2nd trip in as many years. 1st day out he caught Pike up to 36-inches. 2nd day was also a good Pike day catching mostly larger fish & one caught Paul as when he tried to remove the hooks on his self made lure the fish gave a sudden jerk breaking his line & swimming away with one of his large streamer lures. 3rd day Paul caught 16 Pike & lost just as many & his last day he caught over 30 Northern Pike & Smallmouth Bass & his 4th day was similar. When leaving Paul said he had a great trip & intends on returning.

Kent Williams & Bill Black from Atlanta, GA returned for their 11th consecutive year. DOA these guys got right to it catching 12 nice Northern Pike 5 minutes from the lodge. 1st day they caught a few Smallmouth & about a dozen Pike. 2nd day they set out Smallmouth Bass fishing catching very few however they caught nice pike everywhere they went. Being very happy with their day, even though they did not catch Smallmouth they landed over 25 Northern Pike. So in the dinning room when Kent asked me how to catch more Smallmouth Bass my answer to him was go fishing for Northern Pike. Their last two days of fishing had them catching 38 Northern Pike & 28 Smallmouth Bass, both leaving saying they had another a great stay.

Phil Martin & Rock Snow visited us for their 1st time. 1st day had them catching 6-7 Northern Pike as they learned the waters. 2nd day Rock said was much better catching Northern Pike & also having a unique happening while fishing. When trolling & as Phil was making a turn Rock’s lure popped up to the surface, both seeing a good size Pike appear. As the Pike was about to strike Rock’s lure a HUGE Muskie exploded on the surface and took Rock’s Pike sideways in its mouth & disappeared under the water. That’s a lasting fishing story & memory. These two finished strong on their last full day of fishing catching over 40 Northern Pike & both left saying they had a fabulous visit.

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Well, that’s it for this weeks Fireside Lodge Fishing News Report, Please stay tuned for next weeks report.

Until then “Keep On Fish’n” Alan

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