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Muskie Fishing Tactic

By Spence Petros There is no big secret to catching muskies. Unless you find an under-fished body of water loaded with big hungry muskies (very rare), success comes from doing a lot of little things correctly. I’m going to outline things that all great musky anglers I know do religiously. Some may not seem tooContinue Reading

“Slop Muskies”

Spence Petros As editor of Fishing Facts magazine for 22 years, and being in the middle of the structure fishing revolution, I avidly taught and practiced the principles of structure fishing. Mostly I fished the deep edges of structure and cover for muskies, but had no qualms about going to adjacent shallower cover, or outContinue Reading

Musky Swimming Oddly Filmed By TV Crew

A WCCO (Minneapolis) TV cameraman filmed a musky on Lake Calhoun swimming with its head out of the water. Wait for the commercial to end and then watch:

Dealing with the “hatch”

By: Tom Christianson I want to talk about the “Mayfly hatch,” and how to successfully fish for Walleyes during this time. It can be more difficult to catch numbers of walleyes and to make consistent catches during this time, but not impossible. There are hatches so thick that every fish in the lake gets theirContinue Reading

Midsummer Crappies: You Can Catch ’em!

By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson Ted Takasaki’s satisfied smile says it all: you can still track down and catch crappies long after the easy shallow spring pickins are over! Follow Ted’s advice on what to look for, how to use side-imaging sonar to find possible hotspots, and what tackle to tempt summer crappies with.Continue Reading

Grant and Schultz Win PMTT Musky Hunter Event

By Duane Landmeier The fourth qualifying event of the 2009 Professional Musky Tournament Trail, the Musky Hunter Magazine Fall Showdown, was held on the scenic St. Croix River near Hudson, Wisconsin, September 12-13. Over 160 anglers registered to participate in the event and the St. Croix River was a new destination to the Professional MuskyContinue Reading

Starting out Panfishing

By Mat Hegy Panfish is a general term to cover Bluegills, Crappie, Rock Bass, and Yellow Perch and other regional species. The best part about panfish is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have success or a good time. There is very little equipment that a person needs to go out andContinue Reading

Heat, Cover, Baitfish

By Joe Bucher, Editor Emeritus Early season musky fishing is something that all musky nuts can’t wait to start doing, yet few are truly successful at catching fish during this period of time. You’ve heard all the excuses that “It’s too early,” “They’re still spawning, “The water’s too cold,” “We need some nice weather toContinue Reading

High Water Woes

By Tony Grant From southern reservoirs to the rivers of the mid west high water is something that much too often effects muskie fishing, especially in the spring but many times summer and fall are affected too. Over the past 15 years my clients and I have been faced with high water levels during allContinue Reading